Shay Denise Davis

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When Danny experiences a night of frightening dreams about a scary monster. Her mother provides comfort and reassurance suggesting that even monsters might want to be friends. Overcoming her fear, Danny decides to give the monster in her dream a chance. With her mother's guidance and support, Danny learns that making new friends, regardless of their differences, can be a heartwarming experience!


Shay Denise Davis is a skilled medical professional whose commitment to the well-being of others extends beyond the operating room, where she channels her inner creativity into crafting heartwarming stories for children.

Shay's inspiration for writing children's books stems from her own experiences as a mother of two wonderful children and her close relationships with her nieces and nephews. She firmly believes that every child is a unique and precious individual, deserving of love and understanding. Her stories reflect her deep-rooted desire to inspire young readers to embrace their differences, celebrate diversity, and cherish the magic of friendship.

Through her enchanting narratives, Shay encourages children not to fear the unknown but to eagerly seek new friends, regardless of their backgrounds or dissimilarities.